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Shuimo Rongzhuang Art Theme Hotel

Shuimo Rongzhuang Art Theme Hotel is a classic elegance place which hide in Chaoshan nature preserved area. Shuimo Rongzhuang Art Theme Hotel, near the montain and by the river, has it's own prefect sceneries. Just one step away from Hangzhou city, Shuimo Rongzhuang Art Theme Hotel not only has great private space, but also is conveniently located. It is also stated that Shuimo Resort is a different Amanfayun near Chaoshan. You can enjoy plum bolssom in the spring, relax in a cool place in summer, walk though the fallen leaves in autumn, view white snow in the winter. In Shuimo, you can easily enjoy different beauty of seasons. Also, there is a rich artistic atmosphere, which can let your vacation have more literary style.